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William David Herman was born in 1960 in Tarrytown, NY. His parent's families were both originally from NYC and moved to Westchester County. David's father was an engineer and consultant to the Paper Mill Industry moving the family for extended periods of time to many exotic locations around the world. When David was a child his family lived in India, Guatamala, the Dominican Republic, Equador, and Mexico. Within the United States the family also moved between Oregon, Florida and New York State. He recalls spending the first year of middle school in three different countries. As a result he received an exposure to different cultures and points of view that he ultimately projected into his work.

He also feels deeply indebted to the University of Oregon for his college degree and for nurturing within him a deep curiosity about the world in general. David also feels his educational experience encouraged the Univ. of Oregonindependence to question and interpret the world in his own terms as well as the creativity to express those ideas and feelings. His first job after graduating college was working at the Tallix Art Foundry in Peekskill, NY, with some of the country’s most creative and well known artists. He describes his work as an exploration of the human body and its interaction with the universe. His subject matter ranges from musical and spiritual themes to engineered and structural designs to abstract thought, all expressed in stainless steel.

After working at Tallix Art Foundry, David continued honing his sculptural style with bronze castings and mixed-media until he finally discovered his intense affinity for stainless steel. In David's words, "Stainless steel is strong enough to build self-supporting structures, rigid enough to portray almost any inanimate object, but still soft enough to be eyelids or lips on a face. Also, it can bare its naked soul to the weather and not require any paint or patina to cover or sustain its true being." Stainless steel consists of varying amounts of Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Chromium, Nickel, Nitrogen, and Molybdenum, but to be considered “stainless steel” normally means no less than 10% chromium which gives the alloy its corrosion resistance. The stainless steel alloys David enjoys working with most are 304, 308, and 316. In his opinion, nothing compares to the purity and wonder of this amazing metal.

Dave's work has appeared in shows all along the Eastern Seaboard and in galleries in Portland, Oregon, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. In April of 2016 Dave and his wife opened a gallery at 23 Kent Green Blvd, in Kent, CT. The gallery features a stunning visual array of work from W. David Herman, a feast for the eyes and imagination. Please stop by the W. David Herman Gallery Weds.-Sat. 12-5pm. and Sun. 12-4pm or call 845-242-0807.